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Facilitated mediation
designed to resolve most commercial disputes.

Mediators team

Assistance of experienced, independent and nationally accredited mediators.


Quicker and more
than any contested court or tribunal process.

why mediation?

The parties control the process, the outcomes and the mediation costs.

It is forward-looking, promotes maintenance of commercial relationships, confidential and generally, quicker than litigation or arbitration.

An independent, experienced mediator helps parties identify the issues, appreciate the risks, explore pragmatic options not available in Court, and guides disputants to achieve a lasting solution.

Never has there been a more important time to be proactive, take control of your financial circumstances and reach out to the other party with whom a dispute exists, or is likely to arise.

Almost all of the support and assistance packages offered by the Federal, State and Local Governments, and by Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurers, large businesses and landlords require some degree of negotiation. So be proactive and appoint a mediator.

You simply cannot wait to be approached concerning assistance.

If you have a legal
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Some realities

The post COVID era will present a once in a lifetime financial challenge for families and businesses, with over $350 Billion in support and assistance packages announced thus far.

International travel, tourism as we knew it and post-vaccine business may not resume until late 2021/2022 – assuming a vaccine is efficacious and widely available.

Litigation of disputes is slow, costly and enormously stressful – even absent the extraordinary post-COVID-19 financial hardship.

Court imposed outcomes rarely take account of commercial sensitivities or divergent business objectives; they are seldom constructive to any party, in terms of fully and finally resolving all issues.

Courts and Tribunals are perceived as inaccessible, slow, confusing and inflexible – in many cases, that perception is well-founded.

Although mediation is not a universal panacea – long experience shows it is a real and vital alternative to a costly, protracted, emotional and potentially economically and personally destructive dispute.

meet our mediators

Benjamin Sindel Principal Mediator

Benjamin Sindel
Principal Mediator

Ben is a Nationally Accredited Mediator. He has been consistently recognised as one of the ‘Best Lawyers in Australia’ (2018-2022) for his expertise and ongoing dedication to the legal industry, in the specialisations of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation.

Janelle Payne Consultant

Janelle Payne

Janelle is a Nationally Accredited Mediator. Her strategic business approach, personable nature, and ease in operating with all types of individuals and layers of management can help resolve complex and challenging disputes which may usually be considered too difficult to mediate.

John Vohralik Senior mediator

John Vohralik
Senior mediator

John has been a Nationally Accredited Mediator under the National Accreditation System since late 2010. As a commercial litigation lawyer for over 35 years, John brings a wealth of experience in a wide range of jurisdictions and commercial disputes.

how can we assist?

Certainty, control and finality of outcomes.
Experienced mediators available in most Australian states.

Expert advice and assistance can be the difference between survival and financial catastrophe.

Act now; complex problems do not resolve themselves.

You must be proactive: ignoring or burying problems inevitably means escalation and additional cost. Appoint a mediator to assist.

Due to our flexibility, early dispute triage and focussed approach, we have a range of negotiation experts and mediation and risk management assistance packages available.

We can offer payment options designed to suit the circumstances of the dispute, so dispute is too complex or entrenched to consider a mediation process.

so act now, take control, make contact and ask for assistance...
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