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If you have a legal dispute and need experienced, independent and outcomes focussed professionals, Mediate Australia can assist.

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Due to our flexibility, early dispute triage and outcome-focussed approach, we have a range of negotiation experts and mediation and risk management assistance packages available .

We are happy to discuss and tailor options designed to suit the circumstances, the parties and the nature of the dispute. On-line mediation options are also available where appropriate.

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In appropriate circumstances, we can provide an initial 20 minute, no-cost phone consultation . For an assessment of availability, email your details and a short explanation of the problem and type of assistance needed.

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Email or call us and we will provide you with our engagement terms and an information gathering template to assess your needs.

Mediate Australia is a business mediation service to provide a single point of contact and essential information to identify the right mediator for the client/party’s needs based on experience, expertise and value considerations.

Mediate Australia’s nationally accredited members operate as independent, sole mediation practitioners and do not receive a referral fee or any other payment from Mediate Australia.

They can be contacted directly or via this contact page or administration staff as preferred.

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