privacy policy

At MediateAustralia, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy and confidentiality online. This policy has been developed to demonstrate and record our commitment to privacy and confidentiality in connection with the use of our services and the information we collect.

Personal information

MediateAustralia does not collect personally identifiable information about individuals except when such individuals specifically and voluntarily provide such information in connection with our services. For example, such personally identifiable information may be gathered from the registration process for our mediation services and in connection with specific content submissions, or in limited circumstances, when gathering information about details of the dispute.

Personally identifiable information about an individual will not be sold or otherwise transferred to unaffiliated third parties. Sometimes, you may be asked whether you wish to receive promotional and/or marketing information about our products, services and offerings and, in limited circumstances, those complementary services offered by third parties that may be of assistance.

This will only be sent to you, or your details provided to third parties with your express consent.

How we use your personal information

Upon request, we will allow any individual to 'opt-out' of further promotional contacts at any time. Where an individual had previously agreed to information being provided to an unaffiliated third party and 'opts-out', we may be unable to retrospectively remove information about the individual from the records of the unaffiliated third party. In these circumstances, we will provide reasonable assistance to have those details deleted or removed by the third parties.

Your access to and updating of your personal information

Your access to and updating of your personal information At any time, you may request access to your personal information which is held on our database. On request we will take such steps (if any) to correct or update personal information as are, in the circumstances, reasonable to ensure that the information is accurate, up to date, complete and not misleading, having regard to the purpose for which the information may be lawfully used. Also, upon your written request, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to functionally delete reference to any individual and your personal information from our database. We will advise you if it is not possible to fully delete an individual's details without some residual information because of backups and records of deletions. We may, in certain circumstances, refuse a request for access to personal information or correction of personal information in certain circumstances, for example where prevented by law. As soon as possible after receiving a written request for access or correction to information held by us, MediateAustralia will provide a response and let you know of the decision and the corrective action which has been or will be taken.

How we protect your personal information

Access to the database containing personal information is restricted to authorised Mediate Australia staff members with direct responsibility for provision of the services or management and control of the website. Authorised staff are not allowed to pass on database information about our clients to non-authorised staff without the express permission of the Board of Mediate Australia.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

MediateAustralia reserves the right to change our policy at any time by notifying individual users of the development of a new privacy statement. This statement and the policies outlined above are not intended to and do not create any contractual or other legal rights in or on behalf of any party. If you wish to ‘opt-out’ or contact us regarding your privacy or other concerns, please do so at .