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John Vohralik

John Vohralik
Senior mediator

Nationally Accredited Mediator and has been actively involved in mediation since the early 1990’s.

John is on a number of mediator panels, including The Resolution Institute, the New South Wales and Victorian Small Business Commissioners, and NSW Law Society. Through having practised as a commercial litigation lawyer in large and boutique firms for over 35 years, John brings a wealth of experience in a very wide range of jurisdictions and commercial disputes.

He has written and spoken on the benefits of mediation and risk mitigation for over 20 years, long before most other litigation lawyers were prepared to accept the irrefutable benefits of co-operative, facilitated, and non-adversarial dispute resolution (alternative dispute resolution) processes.

John brings a sensible, practical and open-minded approach to solving disputes. He has experienced what can go wrong, even in what might seem to the client to be a very strong ‘black letter’ legal case.

This understanding, coupled with decades of real-world experience, enables John to apply a commercial, risk focussed and solution-oriented approach to solve disputes in a mediation session.

His vast experience affords significant value for money to participants in commercial mediations.

mediation experience

John holds degrees in commerce (accounting major) and law. He was admitted as a solicitor in 1984 and before focussing on mediation in particular, practiced in commercial litigation for over 30 years.

John has been an active advocate of alternative dispute resolution, including as a member of LEADR’s (now known as the Resolution Institute) panel of mediators since 1993.

As a solicitor, John has extensive experience representing clients in mediation, and understands the commercial, personal and practical dynamics of a successful mediation.

In 2009, John was appointed as a panel mediator on the Franchising Code of Conduct Panel.

John has been a Nationally Accredited Mediator under the National Accreditation System since late 2010.

John is also a Law Society of New South Wales panel mediator and a former Local Court Civil Arbitrator.

mediation philosophy

John offers a truly independent, professional and outcomes-focussed mediation service to parties involved in most kinds of commercial disputes.

His facilitative approach to dispute resolution is methodical, practical and he interacts well personally. John seeks to narrow the issues in dispute, concentrating on solving disputes to achieve acceptable commercial and lasting solutions.

Decades of experience mean that John really understands dispute dynamics, the importance of risk mitigation and disputants ‘owning’ their own process and outcomes.